Here's What's Cooking!

Love to read? Love to cook?

Know others that do?


Here's What's Cooking!

Love to read? Love to cook?

Know others that do?

Well, we have a great FREE gift for you!

Phyllis Cambria (co-author with Patty Sachs of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Throwing a Great Party) has collaborated with 24 other authors from five countries to bring you "Cooking by the Book."  This is a compilation of more than 50 recipes inspired by characters or situations from these writers' books and novels.

In addition to the recipe, you'll have a chance to read an excerpt from each of their books and learn a little more about the authors/chefs.

Perfect for a party or to feed the folks at home, you'll find everything from "Old-fashioned Johnny Cakes" to Phyllis's "Easy and Elegant Country Chicken Kiev," from "Molly's Georgia Fried Green Tomatoes" to "Berry Blue Layer Cheesecake" served with "Russian Spice Tea" and everything in-between.

So pull up a kitchen stool and get ready to feed your mind and tummy, as you enjoy "Cooking by the Book."

Note: To view the downloadable version of the cookbook, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the button below to download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Then, Ta Da!!!

Be Our Guest! Download the Cookbook


Here's a great idea! This FREE book would make a great party favor.!  It will fit on a floppy disk and with a festive label you've got a wonderful greeting/gift that can be easily mailed.  For only the price of a disk and a bit of your time, it would be a fantastic party favor--presented to each of your guests.

After reviewing the excerpts, you will undoubtedly find a title or two that will make the perfect gifts for persons on your holiday list. 

This is really neat!  You have permission to offer the book as a gift from your family-friendly site or in a newsletter/digest if you include a link and credit to our site If you wish to publish only a portion of the book or an individual recipe, you must also include the author's bio and their included book excerpt.

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